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We are proud to welcome you to the most life- enchanting and first spa  in the old medina of Marrakech on Trip Advisor. At Hammam Rosa Bonheur (Médina Palais Bahia) and at Hammam Paradis (Médina Mouassine),  we combine our modern  expertise with ancient berber wisdom. Therefore,  we provide you with a journey to the most incredible re-ligne and re-energise moroccan products. Namely, ghassoul, argan oil and beldi soap.

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The word of Samira

Accueil Samira Riads Spas
You will never regret the choice of discovering the oriental care in one of our spas. Either, Hammam Rosa Bonheur ( located near Bahia Palace)  or Hammam Paradis ( situated in mouassine neighbourhood).
Therefore, you will not only spot the  mysterious Moroccan beauty in its own,  but it’s a unique journey to discover Moroco in  its pure authenticity  and its well_known  absolute generosity.
Our professional aestheticians are at your disposal to welcome you from 8:30 Am till 23h30 in the evening at the collection of our riads and spas named as Samira Riads Spas.
However, the satisfaction of our clients is a compulsorily prior, indeed, they are our respected representatives on trip advisor.  Therefore, it is advised to reserve the time for your re-energise care treatement which will surely end up in a vivid experience to be told. In addition to the aforementioned, it is possible to join as a couple at the same space in the same time.
Besides, we have absolutely developed various natural products from Marrakech  areas for getting an overall well being for your body and mind too.
If you opt for the formula with tradional Moroccan lunch or dinner (which will be in one of our sunny terraces), we have to point out that  would be good to inform us as you will enjoy our company to the Medina souks to get our  fresh local vegetables.
We are highly at your disposal for all your requests to clarify your choices.
You are very welcome at Samira Riads Spas at any time of you.
Take great care of you.
Best regards.

Video presentation of our Hammams Rosa Bonheur and Paradis

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Our services.

At Hammam Rosa Bonheur and Hammam Paradis, our skilled therapists as well as traditional products are committed to restore your body through personnalised services and different treatements, as a family, couple or individuals.


Royel Ritual 2h45 Care + Gift offered !   105€ – 1155 Dh

Eucalyptus hammam with black soap, scrub and body wrap with organic plant, body modeling, soaping and orange blossom body wash – 50min
Relaxing Or medium massage with argan oil or verbena – 1h
Anti-aging or invigorating facial care – 35min
Foot care – 20min
Gift offered !

Rosa / Paradis Ritual 2h10 Care no meal –   95 € – 1045 Dh

Traditional hammam Application of honey on the face, black soap, scrub and body mask – 50min
Relaxing Or medium massage with argan oil Or verbena – 1h
Foot care – 20min

Oriental Pacha Ritual 2h with Jacuzzi     80 € – 880 Dh / Pers

Traditional massage with organic argan – 1h
Facial care : prickly pear scrub and green clay mask Or Foot care with desert sand – 30min
relaxing Jacuzzi – 30min


Relaxing 4 hands massage with verbena – 1h –   65 € – 715 Dh
Tonic 4 hands massage with essential oils – 1h – 80 € – 880 Dh

Relaxing massage with orange blossom – 1h30 –   50 € – 550 Dh
Tonic massage with orange blossom – 1h30 –   60 € – 660 Dh

Relaxing massage with argan oil – 1h –   35 € – 385 Dh
Tonic massage with argan oil – 1h –   45 € – 495 Dh

Relaxing back & neck massage – 40min –   30 € – 330 Dh
Tonic back & neck – 40min –   35 € – 385 Dh

Foot massage with desert sand – 35min –   20 € – 220 Dh
Anti stress Massage – 30min –   25 € – 275 Dh


Royale eucalyptus hammam with black soap, scrub and body wrap with organic plants,
modeling, soaping, body wash with orange blossom 50 min scrub –   45 € – 495 Dh
traditional hammam, with application of honey on the face, black soap, scrub and body mask – 40min –   35 € – 385 Dh
beldi hammam, black soap and body scrub – 40min –   30 € – 330 Dh


Anti-aging facial care –prickly pear scrub and green clay mask with menth – 45min –   45 €495 Dh
Invigorating facial care : prickly pear scrub, honey & saffron extract mask – 45min –   40 €440 Dh
Pedicure –   30 € – 330 Dh
Manucure –   25 € – 275 Dh


Jacuzzi Relaxation Spa – 45min –   20 € – 220 Dh / Pers


Hammam Rosa Bonheur Video (Médina Palais Bahia)


Hammam Paradis Video (Médina Mouassine)

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